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DVD Authoring

NYCD offers comprehensive authoring services to produce a full range of DVD titles ranging from corporate seminars and training materials to feature films.

Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell, creator of the world's first golden beer, sought to convince bartenders to sell more of their brand of beer. Their search led them to call on NYCD's multimedia department for help in creating an effective tool for promoting their product. Pilsner Urquell, with the help of National Lampoon, put together a video piece that they believed would effectively sell their product.

Pilsner requested the NYCD multimedia team to put together an attractive interface to show their product. The team took on

the challenge on different fronts. The video received from Pilsner Urquell was authored and mastered on to a DVD. The music on the DVD was licensed and selected by NYCD. To accompany the DVD, the multimedia team also delivered a CD containing a comical, one-hour radio show featuring National Lampoon.

Chaa Creek

Chaa Creek, an exotic lodge and island destination in Belize, was looking at a marketing tool that takes their award-winning experience beyond Belize and into the homes of potential customers. For Chaa Creek, it was also important to categorize the several experiences in a logical yet unobtrusive manner to simultaneously appeal to a wide cross-section of customers.

NYCD produced an interactive DVD featuring a complex menu system designed carefully to bring forth the

various facets of the Chaa Creek experience including an immersive sub-menu of the outdoor activities at Chaa Creek. The overall look and feel of the DVD, including the label and sleeve in which it was packaged, stayed loyal to Chaa Creek’s brand positioning. After converting the supplied video footage into high-quality MPEG2, NYCD authored the video by breaking it down into specific sections that linked to each item in the menu.

The result has been a DVD that accurately captures Chaa Creek’s essence while delivering on its objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Global Education Network

Global Education Network, who works with universities to develop liberal arts courses that combine advanced multimedia technologies with traditional teaching techniques, had just completed the video editing process for their "Perspectives on Shakespeare" project.

GEN called upon NYCD's DVD authoring expertise to create the menu system in a manner that would allow students and teachers alike to proceed through the course in a stimulating and orderly process.

Lehman Brothers


Lehman Brothers decided to produce a commemorative DVD to document the company's relocation since the events surrounding the attack on the World Trade Center. Consultation with NYCD uncovered the fact that internal resources had already been spent on developing a similar presentation for the corporate intranet.

NYCD converted the materials to high-quality MPEG-2 video and authored the menus and structure for the final DVD.

The team then worked to match Lehman Brothers’ demanding printing specifications while manufacturing thousands of DVDs.

The NYCD process allowed Lehman to meet their tight deadline without unnecessary development costs.

Showcase High-Quality Footage
DVD technology offers a digital picture quality double the resolution of standard VHS, coupled with CD-quality multichannel audio. NYCD offers only the highest quality MPEG-2 encoding ensuring that your DVD video remains true to the original.

Deliver Interactive Content
The DVD Menu system allows for interactive content from basic intro menus, subtitles, and instant chapter access to complex content indexes, narrated slide shows, and on-screen quizzes. Combining design and authoring expertise, NYCD specializes in presentations that entertain while remaining easy to navigate.

DVD-ROM: PC-based Content
Since most computers currently ship with DVD-ROM drives, companies can now consider distributing more content than possible on CD-ROM. NYCD is equipped to author DVD-Hybrid discs, which combine both DVD-Video and DVD-ROM data, allowing the addition of supplemental materials to your video footage.



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