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CD-ROM Development

NYCD can design, develop, program and manufacture your CD-ROM or DVD project from start to finish.

CD-ROM is an ideal platform to market your services, add value to existing products, streamline document delivery, and improve communication with your clients, employees and affiliates. As smaller businesses and consumers continue to adopt "always online" technology, CD-ROM has also become the perfect tool for delivering dynamic internet content in a physical form.

Through unified service offerings of consulting, creative design, multimedia development and disc manufacturing, NYCD provides faster development time and fewer headaches compared to working with multiple vendors.

NYCD builds custom solutions for its clients from such diverse purposes as Continuing Medical Education (CME), Conferences, Marketing / Promotions and Financial.

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Case Studies:

Black Watch Productions - DTC: A Conference You Can Take With You

In an industry that is accustomed to voluminous paper binders filled with several days’ worth of presentations and brochures, several leading companies in the conference industry have utilized NYCD’s expertise to move towards creating CDs that have made the content easy to refer and retain. The highlight of these conference CDs has been a dynamic agenda linked to actual speaker presentation and other related information in addition to a comprehensive Search function.

The development of a conference CD requires coordination between presenters, managers and developers within a critical timeframe. NYCD has developed communication tools that allow for gathering materials, compiling content into a template-based application. This stream-lined process allowed NYCD to produce CDs for over 150 conferences during the course of the year for one client.

Black Watch Productions approached NYCD needing to capture 3 days worth of speaker presentations, with videos and slideshows. NYCD was able to combine all the materials into a virtual recreation of the conference, synchronizing a video of each presentation with the speaker’s slideshow. This allowed the user to watch the conference in its true form albeit with the ability to skip to any part of the presentation or even better, save the file for future reference!


Bach Herbal Essences: Marketing More Effectively

Digital media is an excellent way to showcase all aspects of your product or service in ways not possible through traditional means. As press kits, direct mail pieces, and tradeshow give-a-ways, CD-ROMs and DVDs allow you to present much more information to your clients, in a manner which is attractive, intuitive, and consistent with your brand image.

Bach Herbal Essences wanted to reach out to their customers by showcasing the unique healing properties of their essences with the help of a dynamic and interactive “Remedy Chooser” program on CD. The Remedy Chooser allowed their customers to create and identify a custom essence to treat specific ailments. The CD also featured interesting historical information, links to their corporate website and even a printable coupon as an incentive to try the company’s other products.

Sater Design Collection: Searching for the Right Floorplan

Interactive development can range in complexity and purpose. NYCD has produced highly specialized programs like database driven dynamic content and template-based applications that can be updated frequently. Additional programming on these CDs can also allow companies to track and send usage reports for measuring the success of the marketing / promotional / educational efforts.

Sater Design Collection required a specialized search tool for their large collection of floor plans. Floor plans come in a large variety of sizes, styles and quality; and therefore NYCD created a complex yet easy-to-use customized search tool for narrowing down the list to find just the right floor plan for the right customer. The search results were based on a comprehensive database backbone and listed results featuring matching floor plans along with detailed descriptions, printable blueprints, renderings and photos of model homes.





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