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CD Replication

Large Scale CD Manufacturing

NYCD has disc manufacturing plant locations on the east coast, mid west and west coast. Utilizing advanced replication technology, sophisticated analyzation equipment, and top-speed automated assembly, NYCD delivers superior quality discs in all shapes and sizes. NYCD's digital media specialists carefully review every project and recommend the most cost effective package that is best suited to the client specifications.

Did you know?

NYCD, inc. has disc manufacturing plant locations on the east coast, mid west and west coast.

Richard Frankel Productions, a theatrical production and management company, retained NYCD to create a unique mail piece in order to promote the opening of the smash hit musical "Hairspray". NYCD delivered 325,000 CDs and 4 Panel Color Cardboard Jackets with overwhelming success.

Tiffany & Co. , the internationally renowned fine jewelry retailer and designer, created a marketing piece to be showcased on a CD-ROM. NYCD manufactured 200,000 CD-ROMs on a 4 Day Turnaround allowing Tiffany to meet their target release date.

Stand out further from your competition by manufacturing unique, custom shaped CD cards.

Hockey Rink Shape

Credit Card Shape

3" Mini-Round

Disc Face Printing

Offset Printing
In addition to the traditional silk-screened disc face, NYCD offers the latest in disc printing technology - offset printing. This method allows you to have your discs printed with much higher resolution images than silk-screening, 175 lines per inch vs. 85-100 lines per inch. With offset printing, there is no "knock-out ring" cutting into your image, allowing edge-to-edge print coverage.

"Just a quick note of kudos to tell you and your folks at NYCD that we received the 110,000 discs today as promised, on time, and in magnificent condition. You really came through for us - more than fully lived up to our expectations."

-multimedia producer
Regent University

Branded Blank Media
Give your Company discs a professional look by branding the face with your company logo and pertinent information. Many businesses utilize this service when they use a lot of discs within their office but are continually revising and updating the actual content. Writing with a marker on the surface can permanently damage the disc. Why take a chance and ruin your documents? Order your blank discs from NYCD with offset or silk-screen printing.

Disc Packaging

NYCD's professional printing services offer a wide array of packaging options from paper inserts to cardboard sleeves and jackets. A few samples include:

4 Panel Digipak Cover

Amaray Case Cover

4 Panel Jacket Cover

4 panel Digipak Inside

4 Panel Jacket Inside

CD Business Card Holder

Amaray Case Inside

5" Sleeve

Standard Jewel Case (inside)

Standard Jewel Case (cover)



To view non-printed packaging options, click here.

The NYCD Guarantee

Adhering to stringent quality assurance procedures and verification processes, the NYCD production professionals deliver fully packaged products guaranteed to exceed all expectations.

Please contact NYCD at 212-502-0588 or fill out the online price quote form and a product specialist will create a custom quote.


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