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May 15, 2008

NYCD celebrates 10 Years with launching a Charity Division!

In honor of our Ten Year Anniversary, NYCD has started a charity division in which we will be making donations to worthy causes which strive to make this world a healthier, happier and safer place to live in. This initiative kicks off in giving support to:

Since 1998, a ferocious war in the Democratic Republic of Congo has left over 5 million people dead, more than any other conflict since World War II. Within this crisis are the incalculable casualties: the tens of thousands of women and girls who have been systematically raped, mutilated, or tortured by soldiers from both foreign militias and the Congolese army. The world knows little of these women. They and their children have suffered and died in silence. Only now are their shocking stories beginning to be told.

Though much of the country is now at peace, sexual violence in Congo rages unabated, amid widespread indifference and in a climate of impunity. Savage rapes are committed against women as old as 87 and children as young as 10 months. Few of the culprits are punished: There is no functioning justice system to speak of, and most attacks go unreported. Victims are disgraced and frequently ostracized by their families and communities. The ripple effect of these crimes extends far beyond the individual victims, destroying family and community bonds and leaving children orphaned and HIV-positive. Many survivors, having lost everything and suffered immeasurable physical and psychological trauma, require multiple surgeries and long-term medical care-and these are the lucky ones.

Even Dr. Denis Mukwege, who runs the woefully understaffed Panzi hospital in Bukavu a haven for many of the victims, is shocked on a daily basis by the mutilation that often accompanies the rapes. He refers to these crimes against women as the "monstrosity of this century."





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